Welcome to the Standard in NorthWest Short-Term Rentals

Our mission: empowering and inspiring members to provide world class vacation experiences.

Our standards set us apart.

Professional short-term managers and great vacation rentals don’t just happen—they are developed. That is why we formed a great organization and wrote our standards down so we could meet these expectations.

We are building a great community.

We believe our competitor can become a good friend. We believe in “co-opetition.” We share leads, customers, and ideas—so that all of us can become great managers. Networking is really awesome!

We are advocating for our industry – and for you.

Defending the right of an owner to use his property for short-term rentals, the right of a guest to travel and stay in homes, and the right of the professional manager to do business is all a part of what we advocate for. Why not join us and help us promote the public image of short-term rentals?

We are ready to promote your properties!

We believe that the professionally managed NWVRP properties are the best short-term rentals in the Pacific Northwest. It’s all about trust, and professionals who are willing to exceed expectations. Members of NWVRP are banding together to develop the very best marketplace for our product. This is just one of the great benefits of being a member. Why not come and be a part of US!

Our executive board

Our Executive Board is elected by the NWVRP members at our biennial membership meeting. In addition to the four officers elected by the membership, an At-Large Member is elected by the NWVRP members from each Full Member State or Province, and a non-voting State Representative by the NWVRP members from each Associate Member state. The combined Executive Board works to accomplish the goals of building a strong vacation rental community, advocating the public image of short-term rentals and the promotion of member businesses.

Become a member

Be a part of a community of the very best rental managers in all the NorthWest.

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